Small Businesses of Color Recovery Guide

As the nation continues to work toward economic equity, and the demographics of the United States continue to change, the necessity of supporting the recovery of Small Businesses of Color (SBOCs) becomes imperative. The purpose of this guide is to help support the recovery of these businesses by providing readers with a range of ideas in the areas of small business credit and capital, education and training, policy recommendations, and community support.


An Overview of Inclusive Ecosystems

Living Cities released a podcast on Inclusive Ecosystems from the 2019 South by Southwest Conference. Dell Gines, Senior Community Development Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Rodney Sampson, CEO of Opportunity Hub, Living Cities CEO Ben Hecht and Catarina Schwab, CEO of NPX, a social impact investing firm, discuss key concepts in inclusive ecosystems.


Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Communities of Color

This guide serves as a high level overview on inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem building and how it can be accomplished in communities of color. Written in partnership with Rodney Sampson, CEO of Opportunity Hub, it provides a framework that local economic development practitioners can use to develop programs and practices that will empower diverse entrepreneurs in local communities to create economic growth. 


Black Women Business Startups

This report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City provides an in-depth look at entrepreneurial characteristics, challenges and trends for black women business owners in the U.S.Entrepreneurial characteristics, challenges and trends for black women business owners in the U.S

Small Business Reports


2016 Small Business Credit Survey:

Report on Women-Owned Firms 
Survey shows women-owned firms are more likely to struggle with profitability, face growth-related financial challenges, rely on unsecured debt and experience credit shortfalls.


Grow Your Own eBook

Entrepreneurship Based Economic Development for Local Communities:

The purpose of this e-book is to present an emerging model of economic development that focuses on using entrepreneurship as a primary economic development strategy to address these demands.

Grow Your Own Guide: Free resource on economic development models that use entrepreneurship and small business development as the tool to create community economic growth.

Funder's Guide: Learn why philanthropists who are interested in creating strong local economies and eliminating poverty should consider funding organizations that support small business and entrepreneurship.

Youth Entrepreneurship Guide: Help place a higher emphasis on entrepreneurship throughout the education system. 

Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit

Summit explored innovative ways to build a stronger local economy through entrepreneurship.

Grow Your Own Resources

Get information on a ground up, community-based approach to economic development.

Grow Your Own Webinar

Explore how entrepreneurship-based economic development strategies can help build healthy economies and a strong economic future.

Programs and Practicing Communities

An index of programs and practicing communities of entrepreneurship and small business development.

Grow Your Own Guide

This guide is a free resource on economic development models that use entrepreneurship and small business development as the tool to create community economic growth.

Resources for Economic Developers

Learn more about the grow your own and entrepreneurship-based economic development.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

View the resources available for economic developers to share with new and existing small business owners.

Economic Gardening: A Homegrown Approach to Growth

Listen to this podcast discussing the importance of entrepreneurship as an economic development tool in hard to develop communities.

Funder's Guide: A Guide to Funding Small Business Development

Learn how to support economic growth through supporting organizations that develop small businesses.

Map Your Community

View the rate of mortgages that are 90 days (or more) past due or those in foreclosure.

Workforce Development and the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

View a presentation on the value of empowering entrepreneurs through collaborative initiatives and strategies.

Featured Webinar

An Introduction to Crowdfunding

Learn the history of crowdfunding, the current state of the industry, and the future of equity based crowd funding.