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The Kansas City Fed is one 12 Federal Reserve banks that are the operating arms of our nation’s central bank. It is our responsibility to ensure that banks within our District are well-run and treat their customers fairly, that payments are handled safely and efficiently, and that the interests of our region are represented in national monetary policy deliberations. 

Nearly 2,000 employees at the Kansas City Fed work in monetary policy, banking supervision, payments and public engagement, as well as supporting areas, including information technology, financial management and administrative services.

We serve the Tenth Federal Reserve District, which includes western Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado & northern New Mexico.

Read TEN magazine for the latest research and information from the Kansas City Fed. The 2018 annual report is available here

Directions & Tours

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's headquarters is located at 1 Memorial Drive in the heart of Kansas City, Mo., near the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial and Union Station.

1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64198

View a map of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and surrounding area.

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Visit our Money Museum, a 3,000-square foot hands-on exhibit space for all ages to learn more about the Federal Reserve and the economy. Self-guided and guided tours are free, and include a close-up view into the region's largest cash vault, a place to design "money" and an opportunity to test your strength by lifting a gold bar.
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Who we are

Mission - Our purpose

We work in the public’s interest by supporting economic and financial stability.

Values - Our beliefs

We strive for integrity, service, inclusion, personal growth and development, and innovation.


Being part of a diverse team empowers employees who are more engaged in our efforts to continuous improvement. Learn more about our diversity and inclusion programs and read our president's commitment to diversity.

What we do

The Kansas City Fed fosters the stability, integrity and efficiency of the nation's monetary, financial and payments systems to promote a stable, healthy economy. We do this through three areas:

Policy and Public Engagement
We support a healthy economy that promotes stable growth and provides opportunities for all Americans. The Bank fulfills its congressionally assigned role in shaping monetary policy by executing several actions and meeting specific responsibilities year-round. This work includes:

  • Producing mission-specific and insightful research analysis that informs the Bank president’s views and influences policymakers at all levels.
  • Providing computing resources and data warehousing to enhance research and analysis on macroeconomic, payments, banking, community development and regional issues.
  • Operating regional branch offices with accessible, expert resources, including economists, examiners, community development specialists, economic educators and other specialists.
  • Connecting Main Street views to regional and national policy through diverse board of directors and advisory council members.

Financial Institution Supervision
The Bank works to ensure that the nation has a safe and reliable banking system that treats customers fairly and provides credit to a diverse range of communities and businesses. Some of the actions in this scope of work include: 

  • Enhance capabilities to deliver efficient and proactive supervision of district financial institutions.
  • Adapt resources and supervisory approaches to build strong expertise, and effectively apply knowledge, in areas of emerging technology and risk.

Payments expertise, partnership and leadership
The Bank supports a safe, reliable, accessible and efficient payments system for all Americans and the U.S. government. In addition to processing trillions of dollars of payments for the nation’s banks and the federal government, we ensure that banks have cash and coin to meet the needs of their customers. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is leading the Federal Reserve System’s efforts to improve payments in the United States and make certain that the country’s payments system is modern, safe, secure and accessible. Among the Bank’s responsibilities:

  • Supporting payments policies and systems that best serve the public.
  • Using our expertise and talented technology professionals to be a top provider of operational and support services to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Leveraging our service culture.
  • Ensuring efficiency and strong outcomes across all payments operations.

Additional Information

Doing Business with Us
The Kansas City Fed procures goods and services to meet a wide range of needs throughout our organization. Learn more about how to do business with us.

Our Organization
Learn about the Federal Reserve System, and the Kansas City Fed's history, leadership and Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Our Annual Reports, Code of Conduct, Request for Information and Voluntary Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials are also online.

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